wGSEA v1.8 on CRAN now

A new version of wgsea is up on CRAN. It now includes testing with the testthat package, thanks to Olly Burren, and a bugfix for the way propensity weights were generated in the wilcoxon() function.


Coloc v2.3

Coloc v2.3 is up on CRAN.

2013-09-25  Chris Wallace  <chris.wallace@cimr.cam.ac.uk>

        * v2.3
        BUGFIX: Introduced a function to estimate trait variance
        from supplied coefficients and standard errors.  This is used
        within the approach implemented in coloc.abf(), and replaces the
        earlier version which implicity assumed that var(Y)=1 for
        quantitative traits, which could lead to incorrect inference when
        var(Y) was far from 1.