Adaptation of a Bayesian conditional false discovery rate

My student, James Liley, describes his first paper, now out in PLOS Genet Impressive outcome for a summer project!


Developing R packages using roxygen and devtools

I feel like I’ve arrived late to a party. Idly googling, I discovered roxygen2, a “Doxygen-like in-source documentation system for Rd, collation, and NAMESPACE”. With roxygen2, you can use the functions in devtools to automate lots of the painful parts of writing/updating/testing packages. To convert existing packages to roxygen format, there’s Rd2roxygen .

A common denominator to all these is Hadley Wickham, who is quickly becoming my R hero.

So, how does this work? I decided to take an existing package of mine that needed a little update, and have a go.

After backing up my package directory, I begain by roxygenize-ing an existing package

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Hello world!

I have created a github repo to hold bits and pieces of R code that I want to keep some revision history for. This WordPress site is where I will keep notes when I write them. I’m trying to adopt this new way of working so that I save future time spent trying to understand what old code did. Sometimes the bits and bobs might be packaged up properly.

I hope also to document where I find any useful snippets or interesting use.