snpStatsWriter v1.5-5

Version 1.5-5 of snpStatsWriter is up on CRAN, with support for writing in a format appropriate for sbams.


snpStatsWriter v1.5-1 and knitr vignettes

A new version of snpStatsWriter is up on CRAN. It includes a new function, write.snphap(), for writing snphap files, and a brief vignette has been added, my first vignette written in markdown with knitr.

I’m not absolutely sure I want to learn another markdown syntax, I spend so much time in Org mode that translating from one to another is a pain, but I wanted to give knitr a go and markdown is friendlier than Sweave-like syntax. Perhaps next time I will try ravel to combine org-mode and knitr.

Anyway, it worked well, and you can see the markdown vignette source and resulting html.